All the images of this series were created from a newspaper found at my doorstep one day.  Left without purpose after a storm had washed away the stories it was meant to tell, the object appeared to me more beautifully sculpted than what any human hand could ever have achieved.  Excited with this gift from nature, I wanted to preserve it and share its beauty.

Twenty years later

Even though the images that are presented in this series appear at first sight to be an array of disparate work, they take on a different life when viewed in conjunction with the newspaper.  In the end it is the power of transformation that I hope will transpire from this series. 

If a newspaper in decay can be transformed in so many ways, what else can occur if we only give it a chance?


For the last twenty years "The Newspaper Series" has been the main focus of my work.  When people ask me what I'm going to do next, my answer is that there will never be an end to this series, as the more I work on it, the more work I discover to be done.  However, there has been other interest developing along the way, such as a desire to share the pleasures of being creative.  Consequently The Venue was born.

Initially located in Spring, the space I designed was closed down shortly after its completion.  Only pictures remain as witness of its physical existence.  But the dream as never faded away, as I have been working since on a series of workshops that will teach the core of creativity in both history and practice.  


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1990     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Québec University, Montréal

1986     Papermaking workshop, Montréal

1985     Initiation to photography, Atelier Imagine, Québec

             Hayter’s technique of etching, Val-David

1986     Certificate of Fine Arts, Laval University, Québec

1984     Studies of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montréal 


Solo  Exhibitions

2012     Endless Effect of One Lost Cause, Klein 

2010     Home staging, Houston

2004    Release of Newspaper Series, Houston

1998     A Touch of Ink, The Korea Times Gallery, Houston (invitation)

1988     Ink works, Beaconsfield Library, Montréal


Group Exhibitions

2015     Market Street Art Show

2014     Market Street Art Show    

2014     FOTOFEST, Jomar Visions (juried)

2010     Nv4living, Houston

2010     Visual Art Alliance, Houston (juried) 

2005     Market Street Fall Fine Art Show

2005     Mossrock Fine Art Gallery, Houston,

2002     A Butterfly’s View, Art View, Houston

1900     Beneath the Surface, Ariel Gallery, New York

1989     Grand-Prix de Peinture Canadien, Montréal

1989     Estampes 89 : Mutations, Traveling Exhibition, Québec (juried)

1988     Le Libre échange entre nous, Espace Gallery, Montréal

1987     Laval University Gallery, in collaboration with Québec City Museum, Québec

1987     Grand Prix de Peinture Canadien, Montréal        

1985     Photography, Atelier Imagine, Québec 



1990      Three person show, “Soho International Art Competition”, Ariel Gallery, New York.

1989      Mention of excellence, “Grand prix de peinture Canadien”, Montréal

1987      Mention of excellence, “Grand prix de peinture Canadien”, Montréal


Publication & Press & Interview

2011, with Al Hayter, August 4

1998    The Korea Times, Houston,  November 7

1991     Art Speak, New York, October 

1991     1980-1990 L’estampe originale au Québec, Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec,  Montréal,  l991, p. 194

1988     The Chronicle, West Island Montréal,  March 2